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Elderberries are ready!

Elderberries are ready!

I will be selling a few handpicked bags & taking orders for Immune Boosting Honey Syrups.

(I can customize ingredients to your liking.)

Elderberries cannot be eaten raw, but cooked and made into cough syrups, medicine, jams or even wine is one of the biggest immune boosters of our world today.

You can also freeze-dry or dehydrate them.

If you would like to get an order in please message me! They will go fast.

I now know why I always had to pay an arm and a leg for these! Picking them off the tiny vines takes a lot of time! 😂

If you want to know what happens in "Pigs n a Blanket Pt.2", look out for the blog post this weekend!

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Let me know when you visit this way cause I would surely love to buy from you.

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