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A Prayer for our Children

I don’t believe in coincidences.

Here is what God did today:

I couldn’t sleep this morning bc I’ve been struggling pretty bad with my asthma & allergies.

So I picked up my Bible and started Reading Proverbs.

I haven’t read Proverbs in serval months & the last time I did,it was with my Nephew Niklas.

So while I was reading it, He came to my mind and I vividly remember the day.

Later on this afternoon Grace randomly told me she missed Nik.

About 5pm My phone starts ringing and there he was,calling me.

(He doesn’t call me often, he doesn’t have a phone.)

He proceeds to tell me how he had a vivid dream about who he thinks would have been the Devil.

He told me that he knew in his heart that the devil was trying to attack him in his dream.

He kept telling his coach that was in his dream, that “He has to go to Auntie Ems house ,now!”

(That made me feel good.🩷🙏🏼)

He said he feels that the closer to God he gets,that the devil attacks him more.

How he’s been praying to God to seek wisdom and knowledge to ease anxiety.

He starts to talk to me about some personal things he’s struggling with.

Without going into details of his personal business ,some examples would be;

Bullying at school for looking different, feeling set apart because most of the kids at school are “of the world and flesh.”

Little did he know about the Proverbs chapter I read this morning so when I told him,he was “mind blown.”

(He barely has turned 13, I know he has a calling on his life!)

I type all this to say ;

That even our young children are feeling the spiritual warfare everyday when they walk into school. They get mocked for being a Christian or even just not partaking in the things we would have USED to see as bad.

So I ask that my friends would please pray this out loud, over your children or however you would like:

Dear Lord,

We are all so Thankful for the opportunity to witness to others that don’t know you, and the instruction that you provide us within your word to overcome any obstacle that we may face on this side of heaven.

God I ask that you 🛡️shield and protect your children on the playgrounds, classrooms, buses and sidewalks. Give them confidence to know that it is okay to be different and set apart,because if they were like all the others, no one would look or even listen to them. Show them that it is okay to be a feelings person because if they weren’t, then they wouldn’t have the gift to know when someone is hurting or needs help.

Use their personality and gifts for your kingdom,Lord.

Protect our kids from the devils lies, and help them discern when to put on your full Armour.

Give them strength to stomp on the devils head with their feet, in Jesus name!

Give them fierceness to be like Daniel in the lions den!

I ask you continue to Pour out your Spirit on these young Children of this generation,El -Shaddai!!!!

We love you & are Grateful for the Mercy you have bestowed upon us when we are undeserving. Reveal to our children what to do when the world around them is so tough.

Give them guidance to always seek your face in the troubling times ahead,


"And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.”

Joel 2:28

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1 Comment

Elizabeth Salinas
Elizabeth Salinas
Sep 22, 2023

AMEN! Keep up the good work, witnessing and being a faithful aunt.

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