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Sleepless Nights

A poem Written by a very sleepy Momma with an asthmatic Toddler.

There’s nothin’ I wouldn’t do for you, there’s not a habitat on earth I wouldn’t drive to if it meant you could breathe just a tad bit better.

I would take you to Hogwarts without even an invite or letter.

I would road-trip to another state.

I would ride a plane, a bike, a train, or a horse in the pouring rain,if it helped keep you from that pain.

No Dr,No person could stand in the way of the instinct God gave me for you,that very first Day.

Broody Momma hen would fight flocks of chickens & roosters that would get in the way, if it meant you were just ok.

I ask God everyday to heal you from the inside out.

If I could take away your struggle I would, no doubt.

If He would give it to me I would gladly take it for you.

Baby girl, I would walk anywhere for that O2, so fast you woulda’ thought we flew!

I love you to the Moon & Back don’t you see? So much so, that I pray everyday it would be me.

When you’re all grown up because that body WILL heal, I hope you find it in your heart to Kneel.

Sing Praises with your lungs to the Lion of Judah,instead of that fat man,Buddha.

Your testimony will change lives when they hear of the Miracles,those lungs will sing phrases of your past constricting Shackles. 🫁

If I’m not here by the time you read this story, just remember Grace,Give God all the Glory.

To Grace, Love Momma. 🩷

The stuff I come up with when I’m tired 🤣💀

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1 Comment

Elizabeth Salinas
Elizabeth Salinas
Aug 29, 2023

You made me cry at work! That’s a momma’s love alright.

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